A Coffee Lover's Guide to Coffee

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A friendly guide to coffee with the valuable information any coffee lover must know

Recent years have witnessed a quiet, almost unnoticeable revolution: all around the world, drip coffee has been replaced by espresso, macchiato, and cappuccino, with a similar quality to those served in the best Italian coffee shops. The technological developments of espresso machines, moka-pot, French-press and other newfangled equipment has allowed the flourishing coffee market to enter the domestic kitchen, turning coffee into an integral part of everyday, modern life. However, despite its huge popularity and expanding markets, coffee remains uncharted terrain, known only to connoisseurs. 

A Coffee Lover’s Guide is an accessible, comprehensive, easy-to-read and enjoyable guide, written with love and made especially for anyone drinking, making, selling or buying coffee. It is an easy, available, communicative and enjoyable way to learn and understand coffee and the coffee world better.

A recommended gift for any coffee lover

A Coffee Lover’s Guide includes a short, accessible and comprehensive synopsis of coffee’s history and origin, it’s types and varieties, different ways of brewing and grinding, coffee machinery, and even popular uses and traditions of coffee, including “coffee reading.”

All the answers in one place: the perfect guide for any coffee lover

Enjoy the read, and enjoy your coffee even more!

Shlomo Stern

"I worked for many years as an IT manager for various well-known hi-tech companies. Whatever spare time I had was invested in my love for coffee. Whereas at first I drank Middle-Eastern black coffee, I moved to espresso when the first home espresso machines appeared on the market. At first the espresso I prepared was mediocre, especially when compared to the quality espresso I had tasted in Italy. This led me research what factors affect the quality of espresso, and gradually my preparations improved. I attempted my own roast, first in a frying pan, then in the oven, in a popcorn machine , and finally with a professional roaster. This book is the result of my years of research.
In the last few years, I have made my hobby my profession. We have opened a shop that sells quality coffee roasted and blended by myself, in addition to espresso machines and coffee accessories."

Shlomo Stern , born in 1950 , is a roaster and blender of speciality quality coffees , and serves as a taster and judge at Barista competitions